Well Done Schedule Makers

By. Michael Vislosky

Being a schedule maker for sports has to be a somewhat difficult job. With at least 30 teams in the 4 major sports, figuring out when a team is going to be home, back to backs, trying to not have a team play a game on the east coast, then have to go to the west coast and everything else that goes along with it, you can’t always make everyone happy. On rare occasions though it’s almost like the schedule makers can see the future.

The end of the regular seasons in the NBA and NHL just took place. Most teams had clinched their playoff berths well before the last days of the seasons, but in the western conference in both the NBA and NHL, the last playoff spots were up for grabs going into the final day. Only two teams in each league had a chance at those spots, and wouldn’t you know, they played each other! In the NHL the Blues took on the Avalanche, and in the NBA the Nuggets played the Timberwolves. Both turned out to be great games with the Avalanche and Timberwolves clinching playoff berths.

Situations like that don’t happen that often in the NBA or NHL. There have been many NFL seasons that have had win and your in games played but the NFL plays 16 games not 82. One could say that the schedule makers looked at what the teams were expected to do in the season and thought that could happen, but still any sports fan knows the game isn’t played on paper.

With the playoffs starting in the NBA and NHL, I say well done schedule makers on making the last day of those sports regular seasons must watch tv.