Vin Scully: The Man Behind The Mic

By Chandler Guadagnin

All my cards on the table I am about the biggest Giants fan you will ever meet. That said, I am a huge Vin Scully fan. I have so much respect for the man.

Edward Vincent ‘Vin’ Scully has been the voice of the Dodgers for 67 seasons. Scully began broadcasting for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1950. In that same year. the Dodgers roster featured the likes of Duke Snider, Lou Campanella, Pee Wee Reese, Don Newcombe, and Jackie Robinson. Scully, now 89 years old, is putting the finishing touches on a broadcasting career that has spanned from the managing days of Connie Mac to the launch of the Google search engine and beyond. Even more amazing is the fact the Connie Mac was born during the Civil War. Over his almost seven decades of broadcasting, Vin has called 20 no hitters and three perfect games.

Furthermore, Scully has attributes which can not be quantified. Scully’s knowledge of the game is one that cannot be matched. A voice so eloquent that it would even make math homework seem interesting. Not to mention, the humility with which he carries himself, never putting himself above anything else; that is the Vin that the baseball world has come to know and love. Vin’s final broadcast will come from within the confines of AT&T Park in San Francisco on Sunday, October 2, 2016, the 80th anniversary of the first baseball game that Vin Scully was present for. Though, Scully’s storied career may be drawing to a close, the flame of his legacy will never be extinguished.